Türkiye Scholarships 2020 Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships

Turkey’s government-funded scholarship program has provided scholarship opportunities to students and researchers from around the world for decades now. With its re-launch in 2012, higher education scholarships provided by Turkey for international students are now being run under “Türkiye Scholarships”.

Türkiye Scholarships offers opportunities to outstanding students and researchers to pursue fulltime or short-term programs, including undergraduate, postgraduate, research and language learning at the top universities in Turkey with the vision of expanding and developing social, cultural, political and economic ties between countries.

Türkiye Scholarships has received as many as 150.000 applications from almost 170 countries in 2019. Around 5.000 scholarships are provided every year. Türkiye Scholarships students become part of a big family comprising of 16.000 current scholarship students and a 170.000 international student body in Turkey. Following graduation, students are initiated into the Turkey Alumni network, which holds around 150.000 graduates from more around 156 countries and all continents.

What makes Türkiye Scholarships unique is that not only is it an all-inclusive financial support (monthly stipend, tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance, flight ticket and so on) but also ensures university placement for full-time program students in all levels of higher education.

Türkiye Scholarships applications for 2020 will be received in one period, applications will be open between 10th of January- 20th February 2020 for international students from all countries. Full-time programs at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels (Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs) are currently open for application.

Applications can only be made individually through Türkiye Scholarships Applications System by the candidates.

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