Application Requirements for Graduate Students

Application Dates

Application Dates: 23 December 2019 - 03 January 2020

Graduate education program consists of master programs with and without thesis and doctorate programs with thesis.

Applicants cannot be registered more than one graduate program at the same time except master programs without thesis.

Graduate student quotas are divided into two categories as general and international. General quotas are open to Turkish and foreign applicants who fulfill the requirements of admission. Foreign candidates and Turkish citizens who are completed her/his undergraduate studies in abroad can apply to international quotas.

The Senate’s decisions are applied to the graduate programs in the institutes and / or programs, which have ten terms duration.

The rules regarding the curriculum, quotas, application requirements, calendar and other subjects of the graduate programs are determined by the Senate and announced by the Rectorate.

In the announcement, General and International quotas and conditions for admission are stated separately. According to the Senate decision, applications are made electronically to the desired institute through the internet.

Requirements for general quotas:

·         ALES (exam for academics and graduates) score,

·         Foreign language proficiency score,

·         Grade Average Point of Undergraduate and / or graduate courses,

·         Basic medical score for the basic Medical Sciences programs of Medical School graduates

·         The interview results

·         The above requirements are calculated according to the rates specified in this Regulation.

·         Students are accepted considering the calculated entry scores.

Foreign nationals and Turkish citizens, who are residing in abroad, are accepted according to the requirements to apply general quotas.  

Foreign students who have taken the Undergraduate Education in abroad need to be successful in foreign-language exams that are conducted by the University language centers or Yunus Emre Turkish Institute to apply the Turkish programs or programs carrying out in foreign languages.

Those, who are not successful on the foreign language exam, must attend a one-year Turkish language course opened by the language centers of the universities or Yunus Emre Institute and to be successful in the Turkish exam with a minimum score of C1. The normal duration of the course is not counted from the duration of study program.

Candidates are placed in the declared quotas by the ranking starting from the highest grade. In determining the priority among candidates with equal grades; ALES or equivalent exam score, graduation average and highest foreign language score are taken into account. The highest will be accepted.

In order to be admitted to master programs with thesis, the following conditions are required;

·         Candidates must have a bachelor's degree.

·         Candidates must have an ALES score determined by the Senate for each application period, not less than 55 points in the point category when they apply.

·         Candidates must have taken the foreign language score determined by the Senate, which is not less than 50 points from YÖKDİL, YDS or equivalent exam.

·         In determining the entry grade for graduate programs with thesis; 50% of the ALES score, 10% of the undergraduate grade point average, 30% of the interview point and 10% of the foreign language score are summed up.

·         In order to be admitted to Master's degree programs with thesis, the entry grade must be at least 65.

In order to be admitted to master's programs without thesis, the following conditions are required;

·         Applicants must have at least a Bachelor's degree.

·         ALES score may not be requested in the admission of students to master programs without thesis. In case of demand, Candidates must have an ALES  or equivalent score from ALES or equivalent exam that is determined by the Senate for each application period, not less than 55 points in the point category when they apply.

·         In determining the entry grade for master programs without thesis; 50% of the ALES score, 20% of the undergraduate grade point average and 30% of the interview point are summed up if the ALES score is requested; 50% of the undergraduate grade point average and 50% of the interview point are summed up if ALES score is not requested.

·         In order to be admitted to master programs without thesis, the entry grade must be at least 65.

·         In determining the entry grade to PhD programs; 50% of ALES or basic medicine score, 5% of undergraduate grade point average, 5% of graduate grade point average, 30% of interview point and 10% of foreign language score are summed up.

·         In the programs accepted with bachelor degree; 50% of ALES or basic medicine score, 10% of undergraduate grade point average, 30% of interview point and 10% of foreign language score are summed up.

·         In order to be admitted to PhD programs, the entry grade must be at least 75.

The programs of the students who can apply for the transfer quotas and quotas are determined and announced by the proposal of the board of directors of the institute and the Senate decision by taking the opinions from the department / program / program head.

Successful students who have completed at least one semester at the same level of equivalent degree program of another institute must provide minimum ALES score and foreign language score defined by the Senate as of the date of enrollment in their programs.

Transfers, in the last one-year of the education in graduate programs, except for master without thesis and in the last two years of the education in PhD programs, are not accepted.

Candidates who have a 4-years bachelor's degree to do PhD directly and who do not have doctorate programs based on a four-year undergraduate degree in the University may apply to the related horizontal transfer quotas after succeeding the proficiency exam.

In determining the admission grade via transfer; 50% of the ALES score, 20% of the foreign language score and 30% of the written transfer test score are summed up. The written exam is carried out by a jury consisting of three faculty members, who are proposed by the department / program head and with the decision of the related institute board of directors.

In order to be accepted as a student through a transfer, the admission grade must be at least 65 for a master with a thesis and at least 75 for a PhD.

Students who are accepted through transfer, their file is asked from the relevant institute and adaptation process is performed. The file of the student who leaves the institute through the transfer is sent after the photocopy of the institute is transferred.

Students, who are graduated or still students in a higher education institution and who want to increase their knowledge on a certain subject, can be accepted as special students in graduate courses with the approval of the relevant head of the department.

A special student is not aimed education directly to obtain a degree in the related program and the duration cannot exceed two semesters. Extra courses are not open for special students.

Students who are taking courses as a special students cannot hold all students rights except attendance and participation in education and training activities.

For special students, in order to receive graduate courses in foreign language, they must have the foreign language score defined by the Senate. Special student admission conditions are determined by the decision of the board of the institute.

Exemption procedures of given courses to special students who are successful of these courses and accepted in to a graduate programs, are determined by the decision of the board of directors of the institute provided by the condition of not to exceed 50% of the courses given in the graduate education.

Applications for the General and International Quota will only be made online, and the information that is given during the online application will be accepted as the candidate's declaration.

Applicants must provide their graduation transcripts (printed and certified) showing their undergraduate / graduate GPA, and applicants who have not graduated must provide their transcripts containing the final grade point average (uploaded to the online application) during the interview and final registration.

There are no online applications for transfer courses and the applications are made directly to the Institute Directorate.

Documents required for application of transfer quota;

·         Certified copy of the new dated study status document which specifies the stage of student , received by the Institute they are registered,

·         The approved transcript,

·         The internet print of ALES or equivalent test results,

·         The internet print of YDS or equivalent test results.

Information requested during the online application is accepted as a declaration of the candidate and the information entered cannot be changed after the registration.

CLICK  for fees (The tuition fees shown in the table is for 2020-2021 academic year. Half of the fee is paid in the fall semester and the other half is paid in the spring semester.) 

Candidates who are accepted for final registration must submit the following documents herself/himself to the relevant Institute Directorate within the announced period;

·         For registration to master program, a certified copy of bachelor diploma or bachelor graduation certificate, from a Notary or related Higher Education Institution,

·         For registration to PhD program a certified copy of master diploma or master graduation certificate from a Notary or related Higher Education Institution,

·         Candidates who are graduated from higher education institutions in abroad should provide their diploma or graduation certificate with Turkish translation,

·         Approved copy of Graduation Grade Point Average (GPA) (transcript) of all the courses taken during the undergraduate and graduate education by the Notary or relevant higher education institution. Candidates who graduated from higher education institutions in abroad must provide their grade point average together with the Turkish translation.

·         Originals of ALES certificate or equivalent test result certificate or notary certified copies.

·         Originals of YDS certificate or equivalent test result certificate or notary certified copies.

·         Three coloured photographs (4.5x6.0 cm), must have been taken within the last 6 months, against a white background and biometric (must not be a selfie, unrecognizable, or black and white photos)

·         Approved certificate from residence abroad is needed from Turkish citizens who applied to general quotas and completed their undergraduate or graduate studies in abroad.

·         Photocopy of identity card (a copy of the residence permit for foreign nationals along with a copy of the document showing the their foreign nationality number)

·         For final registration, applicants must provide a certified copy of diploma or graduation certificate from the Notary or the higher education institution

·         Notarized Turkish translation of pages showing study visa, entry date, identity information and valid date of the Passport for foreign nationals must be provided (Student visa is not demanded those who certify that they have a valid residence permit).

·         Declaration of residence (Click here for the Declaration of Residence Form)

·         Turkish Proficiency Certificate or approved copies of certificate that is indicated that foreign student have knowledge about Turkish language.

·         Bank receipt of Tuition Fee (Foreign students and Turkish applicants who residence in abroad and who will register with the International Quota must pay the tuition fee).

Those who are entitled to enroll in graduate programs are announced on the website of the institute.

Note: Providing false, invalid, incomplete and incorrect information and forged documents during the application and registration process will lead to the cancellation of admission.

Residence Permit

Foreign students who are newly enrolled in the Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa are required to make an application electronically                                  

(From within the period of visa or visa exemption (visa exemption period is 10 days). Within 30 days from the date of online application, the documents mentioned below should be completed and submitted to the Deparment of Student Affairs, International Student Office.


1.         Online application for residence permit (Downloaded from (e-ikamet online application form)

2.       A valid Passport and copy (copy of the pages containing identity information, entry date, valid date and visa if any) (the copies should be approved as “Original copy” taken from the Registrar’s Office)

3.       Four (4) biometric photos, must have been taken within the last 6 months, against a white background (must not be a selfie, unrecognizable, or black and white photos)

4.       Valid Health insurance (Insurance period must cover the intended residence permit duration)

- International students enrolled in our university must apply in writing to the social security provincial directorate or social security centres (SGK) in where their school is located within 3 months of the enrolment date. Otherwise, they will not be registered as general health insured during their education and they need to have private health insurance if they do not register or fall within the scope of general health insurance. It is required to have a health insurance in order to get a residence permit.

- If the foreigner is under the age of 18; in applications of residence permit, health insurance is not required.

- The insurance premiums of international students who registered with Türkiye Scholarships are paid from the budget of The Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities. International students who registered with the exam result or diploma type pay the insurance premiums themselves.

    5.       Student certificate (up-to-date, e-signed or signed-sealed)

6.       A document containing the address information (if you stay in the dormitory, a document with e-signature/signature and stamped/sealed taken from the dormitory management should be provided. If you have a rental agreement, Notary approved Rental Contract is needed)

7.       Bank receipt for the residence permit card fee

8.       For the applicants younger than 18 ( By the date of application to e-ikamet):

1) Birth Certificate

If the foreigner is under the age of 18; In applications, the birth certificate of the foreigner is requested. *

2) Letter of Consent

If the foreigner is under 18 years old; an undertaking to be granted by real and legal persons in Turkey is required provided that such undertaking is specified in the letter of parental consent to be given by his/her mother and father been in abroad or by legal representative.

Consent of the parent which gives permission for the foreigners under 18 years old to receive education in our country in associate degree or higher degree education is considered as sufficient. *

-       In the Case Parent’s Death or Divorce

Approved parental consent declaration is requested in case of absence of either           mother or father.  In case of death other spouse must present death certificate.

Approved guardianship document for the child is required in case of divorce. *

*P.S: If these documents have obtained from Turkish Authorities they must be e-signed/signed and stamped/sealed; if obtained from foreign countries, they must apostilled and have notary public certified translations. If the applicant is a citizen of a state that is not a signatory to Apostille Convention, said documents must be approved by the relevant state’s authorities (consulate approval and by ministry of Foreign Affairs or Competent Turkish Authorized therefor).

*The documents above for residence permit are not required for those who have a student visa from our foreign representatives.

*But students who have student visa must apply for a student residence permit before the end date of their visa. If the student is late even one day to apply for a residence permit she/he will pay a fine.

Foreign national identity number (ID)

Every foreign resident must be given an identification number by the Turkish Republic. Students need this identification number for entry to the Student Information System. They can learn their foreign ID from here

Health Care Insurance

If they make a claim within three months of the first registration date, foreign students enrolled to İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa can have a general health insurance by paying the general health insurance premium.

Health clinic

Students staying in the dormitories can benefit from the Medical Office of the University in the daytime and the general hospital or other policlinics nearby at night. There is a doctor and a nurse for the service of students in the campus.  Furthermore, counselling and psychological help is offered for the mental, psychological and social development of students.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is forbidden in campus buildings and dormitories. 


Dormitories / Hostels

There are 3 dormitories located around the different faculties of İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa. Information about their locations and capacities can be seen from here

All the dormitories are equipped with necessary facilities and provide a very comfortable, secure, enjoyable, and hygienic environment for students to make their stay comfortable. The buildings have geothermal heating systems and 24/7 hot water. Administrators, receptionists, and security staff are also present 24 hours. Each of the dorms have common study rooms, a TV saloon, a cafeteria and a restaurant.

Super markets such as MMM Migros, Carefour, Şok, A101 and Bim are available on walking distance from the dormitories.

Besides, furnished apartments are available with reasonable prices in the district.

Application to Dormitories

İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa students can apply to the Dormitory Office on the dates determined according to the yearly academic calendar.

Admission and Settlement to the Dormitories

The information in the application forms of the students is scored according to the criteria determined by the Board of Directors and approved by the Rectorate. According to the results of the scoring, the list of students who are eligible for the accommodation is announced.

The students who live outside the borders of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality are considered as priority. In case of a vacancy in the dormitories, the applications made within Istanbul are evaluated by the Board of Directors according to residence address of the family.

Students, who have the right to accommodate in the dormitories, submit required documents to the Dormitory Management between the dates specified in the announced registration schedule. Those who have not completed their documents within the due dates will not be eligible for accommodation.

NOTE : The applications are evaluated and ranked according to the criteria set by the Executive Board of İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Dormitories and approved by the Rectorate. Placements are made through this ranking.

Details can be found here.


İstanbul University-Cerrahpasa has 7 campuses. You can see all campuses from the Campuses section on university’s web site. All campuses are located in European side of Istanbul and students can use public transportation (buses, metro buses, underground and dolmuş) to reach them.

A form of electronic ticketing called “İstanbulkart” is used on the mass transit system, there is discount card for students.

Ticket price for the first trip is 2.60 TL as of 2020 for metro/tram, funicular and Marmaray. But other vehicles like Metrobus, ferry lines might have a different rate than 2.60 TL. Ticket prices for them will be given below. Children under the age of six travel free of charge.

Bus numbers, routes and stations are available on the İETT’s webpage.  

IETT (Istanbul Electricity, Tramway and Tunnel) is the establishment that coordinates public transportation in Istanbul and is under the supervision of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Public Transportation Working hours

Metro working hours is from 6:00 to 00:00. Metrobus works 24/7. Marmaray's working hours is 06:00-00:00.

There are car parks for students in each campus. Students, who want to use car park can subscribe either for a semester or a year. Subscription fee for a term is 200TL, subscription fee for a year is 350TL in Avcılar Campus. And for the Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine fee for 6 months is 625 TL, subscription fee for a year is 1250 TL.

 Subscriptions are made to the Directorate of Security. CLICK

                               IETT Public Transportation Fare 2020

Initial ride

2.60 TL

1st Transfer

1.85 TL

2nd Transfer

1.40 TL

3rd Transfer

0.90 TL

4th Transfer

0.90 TL

5th Transfer

0.90 TL


                                       IETT Metrobus Fare 2020

1-3 stops

1.95 TL

4-9 stops

3.00 TL

10-15 stops

3.25 TL

16-21 stops

3.40 TL

22-27 stops

3.50 TL

28-33 stops

3.60 TL

34-39 stops

3.85 TL

40+ stops

3.85 TL

  • Do not forget to validate your Istanbulkart on refund machines at the exit, if you are traveling with Metrobus. If you do not revalidate your card at the exit, you cannot get distance surcharge back

Copies of documents (photocopy)

Students who need copies of any documents, can get this services from stationary shops in or around the campus. Each faculty and school have computer room in use for students.


Library services are given online inside and outside of campus via internet account for users. Faculties/institutes/schools have their own library and students can get any documents from the library catalog and can use online library in the computer room. In addition to libraries, study halls are also available.

Living cost

Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey. There are a lot of opportunities for travelling and shopping. Living cost in Istanbul depends on your lifestyle and preferences.

Some basic expenses are given below as Euro based on the Turkish Lira.

There are supermarkets in and around of campuses.




Bread (250 gr)


Pastorised milk (1 L)


Feta cheese (1 kg)


Still water (1,5 L)


Mineral water (200ml)


White sugar (1 kg)


Butter (125 g)


Spaghetti packet (0,5 kg)


A whole chicken (1 kg)


Eggs (30 item)


Olive oil (1 L)


Coffee (250 g)


Tea (500g)


Meal at university student restaurant








 Bus ticket/Metrobus for student

0,5 (Istanbul Metrobus card)

* These prices are approximate prices for January 2019. They may change over a time due to the excahnge rates.

Exchange rates

You can see exchange rates from here.

How to Get a Local Mobile Phone Number

It is suggested for exchange students to get a local mobile phone number since it is cheaper to communicate with a local line. Exchange students can get a local mobile phone number by simply applying with their passport to a branch of one of the mobile service operators Turkcell, Vodafone and Turk Telekom. 


Although Turkey is situated in a large Mediterranean geographical location where climatic conditions are quite temperate, diverse nature of the landscape, and the existence in particular of the mountains that run parallel to the coasts, result in significant differences in climatic conditions from one region to the other.  While the coastal areas enjoy milder climates, the inland Anatolian plateau experiences hot summers and cold winters with limited rainfall. The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have cool, rainy winters and hot, moderately dry summers. During the summer period in İstanbul, the temperature is about 30-35 degrees Celsius.  Winter temperature is between 5-10 degrees Celsius.  It rarely snows, and the temperature is rarely under zero degree.

Ethical rules in the campus

Students have right to be treated equally and respectfully by the academic and administrative staff.

All students have right to freely express their opinions as long as they do not disturb others and use an insulting language. Violent actions are never accepted including ones towards stray animals.

Students and university staff are responsible to protect and keep clean the campus environment. It should to be avoided to make any pollution, including noise pollution, that will make harm to habitat and its hosts.

All individual information and records of students are not shared with the third parties unless required by law or regulations.

Department Of Student Affairs

Phone: +90 2124040300 

Extension: 19054

Fax: +90 2124040701 



Department of Students Affairs

Phone : +90 2124040300 

Extension : 19054

Fax : +90 2124040701 

E-mail :